How To Prepare For A Career In Event Planning And Management

Unlike my friends, I was never certain of which career path I wanted to pursue.  I had completed the psychometric tests and determined which jobs would be most suited to my personality; however I was still unsure by the time I reached age 18.  Eventually I had a chat with my older brother and he convinced me to have a look at event planning – I did enjoy organizing parties.
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I did an online search into a career as an event planner, and I liked what I was reading.  It seemed interesting, very well suited to my interests and personality – plus, the pay wasn’t too shabby!  So, after a second chat with my brother I decided to begin preparation for a career in event planning.

The first step was to meet with a career counselor and determine whether this really was right for me.  We had a long chat and she spoke to me about the event planning job market in order to keep my expectations realistic.  She also explained the duties further and offered alternatives, which was really helpful.

After I spoke to her I realized it would be best to gain more practical experience in the field.  I began attending workshops and volunteered with a few party organizers my mother knew.  The career counselor said that irrespective of the field employers are always impressed with some work experience.  This made me think about my CV.
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I hadn’t considered writing up a CV and my brother told me it had to be appropriate to the job – I had no idea what that meant.  So, I contacted my career counselor again and she helped me rewrite my CV to make it appear professional, yet very interesting at the same time.

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I am still studying, but am looking forward to my career as an event planner.  I am very glad I listened to my brother and went to see a career counselor; I hope it helps me land a good event planning job.

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