Outdoor Team Building Events In Malaysia

Even though most team building exercises take place in or around the workplace, it is good to think outside the box once in a while. Outdoor team building events in Malaysia are good examples for this. These events are becoming quite popular among the corporate entity in Malaysia. Outdoor team building events will help put the canyoningskills of you and your fellow workers to the test. In fact, it provides a novel and exciting way to build interpersonal skills among your workforce through novel exercises that you have never thought of before. This article provides a comprehensive overview of outdoor team building events in Malaysia.

There are so many reputable companies that can arrange outdoor team building events on behalf of your workforce. The majority of these outdoor retreats help build a strong relationship and interpersonal skills among the co-workers of your company. If your team lacks motivation in achieving their combined goals, outdoor team building is one of the best ways to develop the required motivation for your workforce to achieve their corporate goals. Most of the outdoor events include mental and physical obstacles that your team must overcome as one unit. They should be working together in facing these challenges. This approach will help them understand the importance of working as a team in achieving company goals.
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Finishing an outdoor challenge successfully will help develop the essential confidence and corporation among your staff. It is an invaluable motivational tool that helps your staff understand the value of working as a team to achieve their corporate goals. There are an increasing number of executives who are interested in using such challenges to motivate their staff. Many employees find it too tedious and monotonous working for long periods with any recreation activities. This is where the outdoor team building retreats will come in handy.

There are so many team building companies in Malaysia. The majority of these companies offer a high quality service in arranging specific outdoor team building retreats for corporate entities. These companies have professional website on the net. A simple search on Google or your preferred search engine will reveal so many outdoor team building companies in Malaysia. Peruse their websites to learn more about the type of service and price point of their service. This is one of the best ways to find a high quality service provider to arrange your outdoor team building tour.

Asking for personal recommendations is also a great way to find reliable outdoor team building companies. Ask for recommendations from your friends or colleagues in other companies. They will be glad to point you to a reliable team building company in Malaysia if they have positive experiences of hiring such a company in the recent past. In fact, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of choosing a reliable team building company in Malaysia.

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Some of the most popular outdoor team building events in Malaysia include: creative problem solving programs, rappelling, canoeing, walk hunts, mountain climbing, ropes course, eco-adventure, outward bound, youth camps, survival programs, white water rafting, expeditions, jungle trekking, wall climbing, flying fox, survival courses, high & low ropes and numerous other activities. You can choose the best suited activity or a group of activities for your staff. The team building service provider will arrange the event on behalf of your company.

In conclusion, outdoor team building events are extremely popular in Malaysia. There are so many companies that arrange team building events on behalf of your corporate entity. This article provides a comprehensive overview of outdoor team building events in Malaysia.

Ideas For Organizing Indoor Team Building Events

There are more and more companies who look at indoor games which have been designed for team building. These team building games are good for increasing teamwork and break down any barriers in communication as employees tend to be more open when in a game situation. These games also give your employees a chance to play, laugh and having their spirits lifted from the daily grind. There are a number of indoor team building activities and games that you can utilize in your team building sessions. Here are few of them based on the advice from eessence.biz

Open Communication Lines

Creating and keeping communication lines open is one of the goals of any team building event or session. If you carry out the events correctly then your employees will better communicate with each other. There are a number of activities that you can use to open up these communication lines and determine what the weaknesses of each employee is in regards to this.

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One of the games that you can play to open up communication is back to back drawing. To use this game you will have to divide the people into pairs and place them back to back. One of the pair will have a pen and paper while the other will need to imagine a shape. The employee imagining the shape will then have to describe the shape to the other so they can draw it without actually specifying what the shape is.

Once the drawing is complete the pair will look at it and determine how close it actually is to the shape that was imagined. When determining the results of this game you should have the pairs consider how clear the description was and how the instructions of one person where interpreted by the other person. This is a fun activity that can bring a lot of laughter, but will also provide you value insight into how your employees communicate and relay information.

The Picture Taking Assignment

This team building game will have teams going off on a picture taking assignment. Each of the teams will be given a list of items they have to take pictures of and a digital camera. The items should be things that can be found in the building and other departments such as a set number of coffee cups, people wearing a certain color and a pair of shoes. This game tests the ingenuity of the teams as they have to gather the items for the pictures and negotiate with other people in the business.

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Tower Building

team building tower gamesThis activity will have teams trying to build the tallest tower out of straws and tape. The tower cannot include any other objects in the structure to support it or increase the height. This game calls on the employees to strategize with each other to create their tower and come up with the best ideas for how the tower should be made. One of the benefits of this game is that each person is able to show their ability at strategic thinking.

Bus Stop

This is one of the fun and easy to organize games. Check out more in this video:

The indoor team building games that you use should allow your employees to show their strengths and talents which may not come out in daily work. These games should also teach your employees to listen to each other and open up about their ideas. By ensuring that the games do all of this you can let each of your employees shine and determine what their strengths are which can later be used by the company.