The Best Place To Rent Inflatables In Malaysia

Are you in the middle of event planning and hashing out all the details in advance? In order to get the final end result you desire, there are so many details and variations you have to work through. Poor results happen when people don’t put a lot of thought into their planning. In order to get the best service in town when renting supplies, let’s take a close look at what the really good companies provide their customers. We are talking about a team that is completely dedicated to doing the best they can for you and understands the value of good service.

Many Different Options Are Available

In terms of what needs to be rented out, each person and every event comes with their own requirements. You will need to take your time to think about what you actually need to rent before you act. The best services to work with will have a wide variety of inflatables choices so that you can meet your requirements. In these times, it is the best way to proceed. When you head out to a place that is able to offer you more than one option, you won’t be forced to settle and make do. If you do have to settle, the chances are good that you will wind up feeling disappointment with your final results.

Your Solution Should Be Fun

If you can’t find a solution that is enjoyable and fun, don’t even bother to linger at the company. You want to work with a service that can deliver your rental to you when you need it and will only supply you with high quality items. In fact, at this service, it only takes a few minutes to rent inflatable if you are short on time and in need of emergency help at the last minute.

Knowing that you are a valued customer and are working with a capable service that delivers their service in a timely way is a relief for our customers who know that they can rely on us.

The Rentals Are Safe

In addition to providing fun for your guests, it is important to realize that rentals you will get from us are also very safe. You should never settle for something that is not one hundred percent safe for your party. If you do settle, the people who come to your event and use them might get injured. Because of this, you need to understand that everything this service provides for you is tested to be sure that it is safe to use and that it meets all standards of the industry. You will be disappointed and annoyed if you get unsatisfactory results because you rented from some other company.

You will get great results from this service. The quality of their products is very high. High quality should be what you seek and is available if you are willing to take the extra steps needed to get it. We know that when you factor in all of your choices you will be amazed at how much more you can get when you go with this company and their services. There are many things to consider but one thing that you should not consider is not getting the kind of great service that you need.

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Wedding Planning Checklist – A Beginner’s Guide

Any new niche of experience has a lot of challenges. Wedding is one of the complicated areas that involves a lot of activities and professionals may take advantage of your emotions and anxiety when planning a hectic wedding checklist. The important thing is to understand what you need to prepare for your wedding ceremony. Obtain a masterpiece schedule of plans to guide your plans. You can ask your close friends or family members to give a hand.

Plan A Cost Effective Ceremony

wedding ceremonyA Wedding ceremony will automatically take a lot of life time savings. All activities before, during, and after your wedding will add up to a huge budget. These activities include shopping your wedding dresses, rings, decorations supplies, hiring wedding professionals, renting a wedding location and the reception and other miscellaneous expenses. Make sure that you plan a substantial budget because life continues after the wedding.

Look For A Wedding/Reception Location

It is paramount to find out a perfect elegant location for your wedding. This option will certainly take much of your time shifting from one location to another. Secure your venue early to allow enough time for adjustments and decorations. Ensure that your site is spacious to accommodate your guests. A parking lot is an added advantage for your guests’ automobile.

Select Your Wedding Rings And Dresses

wedding dressesYour wedding gown should be ordered some months before the ceremony date. Consult your designer to pull up the best trending fashion designer dresses. Rehearse the dress several times to make sure it fits you correctly and make fitting adjustments where necessary.

Choose unique wedding bands that are comfortable on your fingers. Choose the right material, color and quality mark to avoid inferior rings. You can purchase them early to be fully prepared for the marriage.

The uniqueness of your wedding gown and rings will induce a comfortable experience to the guests and a lasting memory for your partner.

Find The Wedding Professionals

You will need reputable professionals like a photographer, wedding planner and coordinator, make-up artist, and florist among others to incorporate their skills in the event. They ensure your wedding is an event to remember with lots of fancy activities.

Photo booth for wedding is another option to let your guest to leave some sweet memory in your wedding ceremony. Check out for more about photo booth.

Prepare Guest List And Invitation

You must have close friends and relatives who must attend your wedding. Discuss with your spouse to prepare the list of guests that you feel they must show up. Narrow down the list to minimize spending load of cash to make the invitations. Decorate the invitation package to enhance its appearance before mailing it to the guests. Choose the relevant method you wish to send the invitations.

Obtain Necessary Marriage Documents And The Officiant

It is recommended to obtain valid documents like a marriage license from the authorities to officiate the wedding. This should be done a bit early to avoid inconveniences that may arise such as waiting the certification for a long time.

Find a perfect wedding officiant who will witness and conduct your wedding ceremony and more importantly a perfect touch during the vows. If you wish to officiate the wedding in the church, ask the priest to officiate the wedding at a cost effective price.

Buying wedding insurance is a brilliant idea because the company will compensate your expenses either during or after the ceremony. This is the great option to secure your savings.

The Honeymoon

Choose the best place for your romantic vacation immediately after the wedding. Choose a place to adventure, create memories, have fun and discover new things. It should be relatively affordable so that you don’t overspend.

wedding honeymoon

This checklist will critically assist most of new people in the wedding niche. It will guide you to maneuver from most to the least important wedding activities.

Spot the Best Event Companies in your Area

Organizing an event is not as easy as it looks. You would need to consider a lot of things and your patience can really be tested. A huge amount of time should be invested if you wish to organize it by yourself. However, most of the time, we do not have the energy, patience, and time for this kind of thing and this is the reason why a lot of people hire the services of event companies.

Composed of a team of professionals who are highly skilled, event companies are those that manage every single aspect of an event, even the most delicate parts. Not only are the members of their teams skilled, but they are also organized and of course, creative. They always organize everything so well so that they can make sure that everything will turn out in the best way possible.

What kind of services do event companies offer?

Companies that specialize in event management and planning offer a variety of services. They usually hire professionals that are in charge of conceptualizing and implementing huge events for both big and small companies. Some event management companies have well-established names with regards to creating exceptional designs, setting up memorable weddings and birthdays, and impressive corporate events. Their employees have been professionally trained to utilize both their skills and knowledge in giving their clients a memorable and excellent experience.

exhibition event

Companies like this are well equipped with the right people and they can handle any event, function, or occasion. Aside from organizing the event, they can also help in the marketing aspect, which we all know is important especially if the event you are putting up has a target audience. Marketing can also be beneficial if you will be needing sponsorships or if you are organizing a corporate function.

How to find a good event company?

Finding an event company in Malaysia that can suit your needs can be quite challenging especially if you are quite clueless. You would need to consider a few things so you can find a company that will be perfect for you. To make things a bit easier, we have listed a few tips on how you can find a good events company.

  1. Research – You will be able to find a lot of event companies in your city so you would need to research on which ones are the best. Start with a handful of companies and then you can eliminate those that you don’t like.
  2. Ask around – I am pretty sure you know someone who has an idea about a good event company in your city. Be open to their suggestions.
  3. Preference – You need to consider your budget and the type of event you are going to have. Go with the company that will fit your budget without compromising the success of your event.

event planning in malaysia

If you wish to have a successful event, you would have to consider looking for an excellent event company. With all the information you have now, I guess that wouldn’t be as hard as it was anymore.

Checkout this interesting video about corporate events.

Ideas For Organizing Indoor Team Building Events

There are more and more companies who look at indoor games which have been designed for team building. These team building games are good for increasing teamwork and break down any barriers in communication as employees tend to be more open when in a game situation. These games also give your employees a chance to play, laugh and having their spirits lifted from the daily grind. There are a number of indoor team building activities and games that you can utilize in your team building sessions. Here are few of them based on the advice from

Open Communication Lines

Creating and keeping communication lines open is one of the goals of any team building event or session. If you carry out the events correctly then your employees will better communicate with each other. There are a number of activities that you can use to open up these communication lines and determine what the weaknesses of each employee is in regards to this.

communication line

One of the games that you can play to open up communication is back to back drawing. To use this game you will have to divide the people into pairs and place them back to back. One of the pair will have a pen and paper while the other will need to imagine a shape. The employee imagining the shape will then have to describe the shape to the other so they can draw it without actually specifying what the shape is.

Once the drawing is complete the pair will look at it and determine how close it actually is to the shape that was imagined. When determining the results of this game you should have the pairs consider how clear the description was and how the instructions of one person where interpreted by the other person. This is a fun activity that can bring a lot of laughter, but will also provide you value insight into how your employees communicate and relay information.

The Picture Taking Assignment

This team building game will have teams going off on a picture taking assignment. Each of the teams will be given a list of items they have to take pictures of and a digital camera. The items should be things that can be found in the building and other departments such as a set number of coffee cups, people wearing a certain color and a pair of shoes. This game tests the ingenuity of the teams as they have to gather the items for the pictures and negotiate with other people in the business.

team building picture it game

Tower Building

team building tower gamesThis activity will have teams trying to build the tallest tower out of straws and tape. The tower cannot include any other objects in the structure to support it or increase the height. This game calls on the employees to strategize with each other to create their tower and come up with the best ideas for how the tower should be made. One of the benefits of this game is that each person is able to show their ability at strategic thinking.

Bus Stop

This is one of the fun and easy to organize games. Check out more in this video:

The indoor team building games that you use should allow your employees to show their strengths and talents which may not come out in daily work. These games should also teach your employees to listen to each other and open up about their ideas. By ensuring that the games do all of this you can let each of your employees shine and determine what their strengths are which can later be used by the company.

How to Find Good Event Management Companies

Finding the right event management companies is critical since you’ll be entrusting your business’ future and objectives to it. To get your money’s worth you need to find a company that has the vision and means necessary to make your dream event / convention a reality, so here are some suggestions.

Reputation and Experience

corporate events gathering

Make sure that the event company has the experience necessary to handle events like what you have in mind, and second that they have a solid reputation in the industry. The second point is very important since there’s nothing worse than ending up with a company that is unable to respond when something unexpected happens. In addition, the company has to be innovative, capable of using technology and cutting edge concepts so the event catches people’s attention.

Able Strategists

Next, the company must know how to work with your best interest in mind, and that means aside from hosting the event they must also know how to integrate technology and marketing so the event delivers the desired results. Next the event management company should offer different pricing models so you don’t end up paying too much. You’ll need to do some price and package comparison, but this should not be too difficult because these companies have websites where you can get information.

corporate dinner events

One of the reasons why some businesses fail to take advantage of marketing events is they don’t use all the resources available. By hiring event management companiesyou’ll be able to make full use of the occasion and create a big impression.

Characteristics of a Good Malaysia Event Company

You’re hosting an event in 6 months. You’ve got so many things to take care of – the guest list, invitation cards, catering, venue, sound system, giveaways, speakers, etc. You tell yourself you can manage everything but as a business owner, trying to juggle several tasks at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

day polo outdoor event

So you finally made up your mind and decided to hire a Malaysia event company. After realizing how important this occasion is and how likely it is to become a big failure unless you enlist the help of a professional event organizer, it’s time to start looking for a company that’s offering this particular service.

How do you find a good Malaysia event company? Where do you start?

First and foremost, you have to know what differentiates a good event firm from a mediocre one. Here are some traits to keep an eye on:

1. They’re very helpful. When you speak with an event organizer on the phone or in person, you’ll know if they’re good if they show signs of being helpful. Do they bother to answer all your questions? Do they give you options or choices? Or do they seem like they’re too busy to entertain you?

2. They listen to what you want. Event organizers know the necessary things that must be done to make any event successful. They’ve “been there, done that.” But that doesn’t mean they won’t bother to listen to your inputs and suggestions. A good event management company lends an empathetic ear and would never try to interrupt you in mid-sentence.

concert show planning3. They’re professional and knowledgeable. A good event management firm behaves professionally. They have a neat and organized office and courteous staff. They’re polite in answering the phone. They’re also able to answer any questions you have competently.

4. They are upbeat and ready to get started. An easy way to tell if an event planner is genuinely passionate about his profession is if he’s quite enthusiastic to work on your event and even shows you some of his previous works even before you ask.

Great Tips For Outdoor Event Planning

When you have a successful outdoor event, your guests are sure to have a great time and remember it happily for a long time to come. The key to successful outdoor event management center around making the most of the beauty of nature and downplaying and successfully dealing with the discomforts. In this article, we will share some tips  on planning and staging a great outdoor gathering. Read on to learn more.

Naturally, you want to have your event on a beautiful day. Everyone loves the sun, but be sure to keep your guests safe from excessive sun exposure. Select a setting that has good shade trees and/or set up some temporary structures for shade if necessary. Set out bottles of sunscreen on the picnic tables right alongside the ketchup and mustard so that your guests can help themselves.

Outdoor event planning

Be ready to deal with excessive heat. Set up water stations in convenient locations so that your guests can avoid dehydration. Hand held fans and/or baseball caps with brims that provide protection from the sun make nice party favors that your guests will appreciate. You may wish to set up a trailer or portable building equipped with air conditioning if the weather is very hot. This will give you the ability to deal with older or otherwise frail guests who may simply not be able to bear excessive heat.

Wedding dinnerYou should also be prepared for rain. Selecting a venue that has some shelter is a good idea. Failing that, be sure that any temporary outdoor shade canopies you set up can also double as protection from the rain. Naturally, you will not want to continue your event if there is a downpour, but you shouldn’t have to call it off because of a little drizzle.

You will want to keep insects at bay throughout your event. There are a number of ways to do this. You can burn citronella candles and/or torches at an evening event to help keep mosquitoes away. You might also set up shallow dishes of sugar water around the periphery of your event to attract flies and other pests away from your food. Provide a variety of spray on insect repellent for your guests to use. Be sure to have several different selections so that people with sensitivities can find something that will work for them. Do not set up your insect repellent stations near food or beverages. Place them well away, and also place some spray bottles of insect repellent in restrooms or portal-potties for private use.

No matter what the purpose of your outdoor function, the bottom line is you want your guests to be cool and comfortable and free from harassment by insects. When you provide plenty of water, good shelter from sun and rain, sunscreen and insect repellent for your guests to use, any event will be far more successful. Follow the tips  presented here to set up the basis of a great outdoor event.

What Services do Event Management Companies Offer?

Managing an event, whether it’s a wedding or a festival, or just a major family reunion, can be stressful, chaotic, and can certainly take all of the fun out of the event for the person who is planning and managing it. Unless that person is a professional of course. Hiring an event management company like EM2U means handing over the most important job of any event – the planning and running of it – to specialists and experts.

Annual dinner celebration

An event management company will take care of all aspects of planning an event. And for those of us who aren’t familiar with planning a large event, we’re often completely unaware of everything that goes in to ensuring a successful project. From budgeting to reserving the venue, and sorting out any permits that might be needed – for example, insurance and alcohol permits or late license permits – event planning takes full focus, and a flair for organization.

Apart from the obvious tasks like booking dates and venues, booking entertainment, and sending out invitations, the additional tasks that event management companies take off your hands are: arranging for sound systems and lighting; coordinating support at the location – for example, liaising with the utilities companies; coordinating any colour scheme and the décor; organizing transport and parking along with security; emergency contingency plans, any stands and mini events within the main event, and more, depending on the type of event.

celebration events catering and venue

Most events management companies will handle all sizes of event, from major sporting events to small business meals or celebrations. Companies of all sizes benefit from good event planning services. A product launch, for example can be affected dramatically by bad or careless planning at the hands of an inexperienced event planner.

With their extensive experience, a good event manager will know the secrets of the smallest touches that can have big impacts on the success of an event. Something as seemingly obscure as background music can affect the success of a product launch, for example. A good event management company will be able to not only provide you with the full range of event management services, taking the stress away from you, so that you can concentrate and focus on the even itself, but they will also be able to bring with them, through their experience and knowledge, little tips and tricks that not only make the running of the event smooth and easy, but that also improve the results and your overall goal.

How To Prepare For A Career In Event Planning And Management

Unlike my friends, I was never certain of which career path I wanted to pursue.  I had completed the psychometric tests and determined which jobs would be most suited to my personality; however I was still unsure by the time I reached age 18.  Eventually I had a chat with my older brother and he convinced me to have a look at event planning – I did enjoy organizing parties.
event manager job scope
I did an online search into a career as an event planner, and I liked what I was reading.  It seemed interesting, very well suited to my interests and personality – plus, the pay wasn’t too shabby!  So, after a second chat with my brother I decided to begin preparation for a career in event planning.

The first step was to meet with a career counselor and determine whether this really was right for me.  We had a long chat and she spoke to me about the event planning job market in order to keep my expectations realistic.  She also explained the duties further and offered alternatives, which was really helpful.

After I spoke to her I realized it would be best to gain more practical experience in the field.  I began attending workshops and volunteered with a few party organizers my mother knew.  The career counselor said that irrespective of the field employers are always impressed with some work experience.  This made me think about my CV.
event coordinator concert
I hadn’t considered writing up a CV and my brother told me it had to be appropriate to the job – I had no idea what that meant.  So, I contacted my career counselor again and she helped me rewrite my CV to make it appear professional, yet very interesting at the same time.

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I am still studying, but am looking forward to my career as an event planner.  I am very glad I listened to my brother and went to see a career counselor; I hope it helps me land a good event planning job.